Staff Editorial

The Conservatory and the library cover the needs of almost everyone on campus. It’s great that both remain open until 1 a.m. during the week. However, many students’ needs exceed the boundaries of these two buildings or the time restrictions of these and other buildings such as Science Hall and Main Hall.Because science students typically need to visit labs frequently, they are allowed passes to enter Science Hall. But lately, security has been cracking down on students staying late in the building. This seems contradictory: Students are expected to be faithful to the honor code when in the building, are allowed access, but are restricted nonetheless? Restrictions such as these are unrealistic.

Clearly there are logical reasons for closing or locking buildings. This reduces the threat of undesirable public access, for one. And, of course, student building monitors cannot be expected to work night shifts to watch the doors. Also, students should perhaps be encouraged to call it a night at a relatively reasonable hour.

Although it is unhealthy to pull all-nighters or extremely late nights on a regular basis, it is sometimes necessary for students to do so. For those students who have roommates and don’t have access to Science Hall, it can be quite difficult to find a space to stay up and do homework.

It is not simply the early closing hours of buildings that are unrealistic, however. On weekends, the problem is the too-late opening hours of places such as the library or the grill. Coffee before noon, when the grill opens on Saturday and Sundays, is often essential.

Many students would appreciate earlier access to the library as well. We understand that it is hard to keep buildings open at times that will satisfy all students, but perhaps one solution could be allowing students to vote for building hours, just as we do for quiet hours in our dorms.

All in all, we greatly appreciate all that Lawrence does to allow for our individual study habits. But as we all learn in school, time is of the essence — particularly when it comes to the coffee.