Featured Athlete: Ben Dictus

When he has been in the lineup, Ben Dictus has been a machine this year for LU wrestling. Amassing a record of 14-1, the senior from Kimberly has earned a No. 8 ranking in Division III at 184 pounds. Having gone to the national tournament each of the past two years, Dictus aims for a third straight. Off the mat, he can be recognized as the president of Phi Delta Theta.
Name: Benjamin James Dictus
Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Interests other than wrestling: “I have a rugby problem. I ride a motorcycle. I like trees and drinking in the sun. The VR. I just got into this new craze called dancing and I like to watch movies.”
Favorite drink: Gin and Juice, 50/50
Best move ever pulled in a wrestling match: “I once pulled off the ultra-rare, backwards twist, upside-down, sidebender one and a half, belly to belly suplex and killed a man. Just kidding, but seriously
would anybody even know what I was talking about if I told them that?”
Favorite match this year (and why): “I wrestled this guy from Olivet College and he had this enormous tattoo of “OC Wrestling” on his leg. He thought he was the man, but after I beat him he ran into the bathroom and cried for like 30 minutes. Ask Joe Austin. It was great.