Romance according to Kate

Kate Ostler

Dear Kate,
I’ve got a crush, and don’t know what to do next. How do I let him know I’m interested?
-Allured but Still AloneDear Allured,
I think it’s about time we start a revolution: a Smooching Revolution. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching,
and some of us might enjoy spending it with someone else this year. But we need to act soon. Don’t just sit there and watch your crush studying at the library or reading the paper at Downer. Smooch him. Do it today! Last time I checked, Lawrence Security is totally okay with any kissing, as long as it’s done at least 20 feet away from entrances to academic buildings. Walk up to your Facebook crush, and give him a kiss. Walk up to ALL of your Facebook crushes and start smoochin’. Freshman Studies taught us all how to write concise term papers and lecture notes that get straight to the point. Let’s do the same with our personal lives. No one’s going to call you ugly, or kick you in the face. The worst you’ll get is a polite but awkward decline, and any embarrassment will likely be counteracted by accomplishment or relief. Long live the Smooching Revolution.
Dear Kate,
My roommate and her boyfriend frequently use our room to do the deed, and I end up out on the street. What can I do about this?
-Kicked out of Colman
Dear Kicked,
This is definitely not an ideal situation, certainly not for you, and probably not for your roommate and her boyfriend either. Even if you’ve said in the past that you don’t mind your roomie’s beau spending the night once in a while, she’s obviously
been abusing her privilege lately. Have a direct conversation with her, and go over what’s acceptable and what’s not. Be totally clear, and don’t back down. If you feel uncomfortable
with the situation, let her know. Try not to attack her or her boyfriend, but stick with how the situation is making you feel. In the meantime, walk in “accidentally,” or leave your smelly socks under their covers – anything to drop an obvious hint. Housing selection for next year doesn’t begin until spring term, but it’s never too early to start scoping out single rooms – for you or for your current roommate.