Top 10 – Niko Radoshevich –ama

Corey Lehnert

10. James Eric Prichard’s depiction, with his hands, of how he defecates. Ask him to show you.9. The two short poems at the beginning and end of the album, “Days of The Future Passed” by The Moody Blues.

8. The act of finishing the Birkebeiner.

7. Taking a car or car parts apart, cleaning them, and putting it or them back together, with the resulting dirt under the nails of course.

6. Thom Yorke’s voice, with Radiohead’s key changes.

5. The sound a BMW M30 engine makes (or any BMW inline six for that matter) from 2000 rpm to redline at full throttle.

4. The infinite complexity and infinite genius of biological organisms, on the macroscopic, microscopic and molecular levels.

3. Cat eyes, plain and simple.

2. Hearing the symptoms of what a patient is complaining from, then hearing and understanding the resulting diagnosis and treatment.

1. Arguing with my dad, talking with my mom, laughing with my sisters, and playing with my dog; in a word, family.