Vikes, More Vikes!

Dylan Fogel

Who wants to be number one in college football? Apparently no one does. LSU is number one again for the second time this season and three other teams have taken turns claiming to be the best. All have fallen and many top ranked teams continue to fall. Oregon is hot right now at number two, but Kansas is undefeated at number three with games left against Missouri and Oklahoma. If Kansas finishes undefeated, they belong number one and in the national championship game. Period.Major League Baseball’s free agency period started and guess what? No one wants to pay Alex Rodriguez $350 million. Weird how that works. If he were to get paid that much, he’d be making more money than six different teams are worth. He is great and everyone knows that. But his agent Scott Boras is a complete idiot, and so Alex Rodriguez now looks like a complete idiot. He isn’t worth $350 million unless he comes with a World Series ring attached. Until that happens, he can deal with ONLY making $200 million or so. Get over yourself and start realizing that the really famous athletes, the ones that everyone love are the ones that win for their team. Or better yet, the ones that actually play for a team and not themselves. Or perhaps the players who aren’t just mercenaries, going from team to team looking for more money. Grow up Alex Rodriguez.

The Chicago Bulls are 1-5. How about Kobe Bryant? The Bulls point guard Kirk Hinrich has a 2-1 turnover-assist ratio. Whoops. Isn’t he supposed to be more mature and more experienced this year? Shouldn’t the Bulls be doing better? What was all this talk about Loul Deng being the next Kobe? Bulls fans are not as patient as Cubs fans, and we want to win. I’m tired of waiting for this team to grow up and mature and get experience. It’s about talent and desire, and however big of an jerk Kobe Bryant is, he’s got both. He wants to win and I think he could do it in Chicago.

How ’bout those Miami Dolphins? The only winless team left in the NFL now after the Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints lost to Buffalo by a field goal, even though their running back had 135 yards on the ground. Close doesn’t cut it in professional sports, though, and the Dolphins are not even close. With games coming up against the Eagles and the Patriots the last month of the season is going to be stressful for them to get a win. No team has ever gone 0-16. It is unlikely to happen, because the parity in the NFL says that no one should be as bad as they are, yet they continue their futile ways.

On the flip side of that, the Patriots aren’t going to go undefeated either. I’m a Patriots fan and it’s just not going to happen. Yes, they beat the Colts in Indianapolis. I personally think that Adam Vinatieri was just saying, “Thank you for three rings!” by missing that 29-yard kick. The Colts outplayed and out hustled them the entire game. Yes, Tom Brady had a great fourth quarter. Thank god, because the rest of the game was just pitiful to watch. Joseph Addai ran on their “vaunted” defense like he was back on a high school field. Yes, the Patriots are good. Undefeated though? No way.