Come north with us; travel with a team

Anthony J. Totoraitis

Our fellow student athletes train and practice year round in addition to the schoolwork that is required of them. We are familiar with this schoolwork; we are all subjected to it. It is not an easy duty; Lawrence asks much of its students. But these bright few are able to find a happy equilibrium. They are not paid for their efforts, but they spend hours practicing every day: time that could have been spent doing work study, sleeping, or experiencing the complete Lawrence Difference. These student athletes do not ask for anything in return. They are a modest bunch, content with their efforts. They work extremely hard for the school’s pride.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the student body could somehow repay these athletes for all their time and hard work? Is there no way that a group of boisterous fans can show their support?

Perhaps a trip to St. Norbert’s to see the regular season finale? Or for those dedicated to the cause, a trip to Grinnell? Depending on how the Grinnell Pioneers finish, Lawrence is playing for the right to host the Conference tournament.

Lawrence has a better team than the Green Knights, and with solid fan support at the game they should come away with a win. With Grinnell perhaps losing a game, the Vikings would then not have to make the trip to Iowa.

At Darby Gymnasium in Grinnell, fans are rumored to have a keg inside the building. The students are notoriously vicious to the players.

Against Carroll the students ragged on Julian Swartz for his battle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It is not a great environment to play in for opposing teams. It is the quintessential home field advantage.

If Grinnell loses and the Vikes win out, our student body could give our team that advantage. Repay our guys for all their hard work. Make them proud to don the ol’ blue and white.

Make the trip to St. Norbert’s this weekend. Help our friends and classmates carry the basketball program to victory.