LUCC: breakdowns good and bad

Jonathan Isaacson

LUCC met this past Tuesday and approved budget allocations proposed by the finance committee. The council approved the finance committee’s decision to allocate the $10,000 requested by the Rowing Club, better known as the crew team, for the purchase of a used shell. The team has saved over $5,000 already towards the purchase, but they felt that they could not realistically wait any longer for another shell. The crew team has reportedly seen significant growth in recent years and is in need of another shell. Also emphasizing the need for a new shell: the current women’s eight shell is beginning to deteriorate and has in fact broken down in two of the last three races.Nancy Truesdell, dean of students and a member of the finance committee, said that the crew team has repeatedly made the same request, and “as funds are now available, it seems appropriate to make this large capital expenditure.”

$5,460 was allocated for Sage and Trever Hall councils to host a campus-wide event, the South Side Shebang, to be held May 28. The most expensive items on the request were the cost of bringing in the band Jim’s Big Ego and the renting of inflatables.

Also approved were allocations for the LU Objectivist’s request for funds for a guest speaker and the Trever Hall council’s request for funds to cover travel expenses to hire a bus to go to see a baseball game in Chicago.

The council also heard reports from several standing committees, including the residence life committee. The committee representative told the council members that they had recently reviewed this year’s theme houses, the Theater Outreach and Arts Collaborative houses. The Arts Collaborative members have reportedly not been completing their activities as outlined in their theme house contract.

Residence life has contacted residents in the Arts Collaborative House but has reportedly seen little response. The committee has taken further actions, including fining all residents of the house $50 and barring them from living in a theme house in the next school year.

The council also discussed several vacancies on standing committees. Paul Shrode spoke representing multiple standing committees, including the Viking Room committee, which has not had student members other than the student managers of the bar. He expressed his concern over the lack of interest from students for all of the positions and changed the council to work to get more students involved.