Fire at new dorm causes minor damage

Jonathan Isaacson

Workers watch as smoke rises from a small fire in the uncompleted new residence hall. (Lawrence new dorm webcam)

A small fire broke out in the new residence hall currently under construction shortly after 2:00 p.m. Monday.According to fire officials, workers were welding when some of the tarps used to protect the interior from the elements caught fire. The fire was on the outside of the structure, so the damage was minimal and no damage was done to the actual building structure.

Dean Nancy Truesdell, after talking to the project manager from the contracting company, said, “The majority of the damage was to temporary construction items, and all effects of the fire will be cleaned up within just a few days.”

Construction is to proceed as planned and the schedule for completion of the building should see no changes. Truesdell also stressed that none of the workers were injured in the fire.