Ariel and Tropos woefully underfunded

Staff Editorial

Lawrence’s yearbook and literary magazine, Ariel and Tropos, face many barriers to successful publication, some of which were reported in the Jan. 7 issue of The Lawrentian. In addition to problems all publications must deal with, Ariel and Tropos face almost insurmountable budget troubles.

While we realize that the school has experienced budgeting problems as of late, Lawrence should either adequately subsidize their student publications or find viable alternatives to direct LUCC funding.

One of the most important needs of these publications is computer equipment. As reported, Ariel and Tropos do not have the money to buy new or even adequate computers. The computers currently used frequently crash or are simply unworkable.

When The Lawrentian faced similar problems last year, Dean Brian Rosenberg quickly came to our aid. Rosenberg is not even a dean of students and does not hold any supervisory role over publications.

So while we sincerely appreciate his help, it is an unfortunate reality at this university that apparently the dean of the faculty needs to be involved before publications receive computers that meet their needs.

It is not reasonable to expect Rosenberg to equip every student publication with computers, but current funding leaves publications little choice but to go directly to school officials for help.

In light of LUCC’s limited budget (where student publications receive their funding), Lawrence must find another way to help its publications.

Allocating money to student organizations is never an easy task. Questions of needs versus wants often arise. However, funds for basics such as computers and printing cost are not wants, but clearly needs. Whatever the solutions, Lawrence needs to step up soon or risk losing Ariel and Tropos.