Letter to the Editor

(Brent Schwert)

My name is Douglas McEneaney and I ran for LUCC Vice President. I thank you for your editorial entitled, “Take an interest in campus leadership” because I do think that this past election reflects poorly on the student willingness to take leadership in school politics. However, after reading your article, I feel that you have abused your power as a media source to both the Lawrence campus and more specifically to the members who ran for office. Being that the poll results have not been released at the time of your publication, how can you say that there is a “decreased interest in student politics”? Is voting not a sign of interest? So, what you probably meant was “decreased student willingness to take leadership,” but then again you are the writers and I am only an economics/math major. Additionally, you offensively commented. Not only about the lack of choices for the election, but the candidate statements presented. We were given 150 words to write about why we should be elected. That is less than the article you wrote and the message I am writing. What should a candidate statement say? Should we not use words such as “better” and “improve” as in “making Lawrence a better experience”? Attacking my candidate statement is not the way a respectable campus newspaper should act. I know of no reason why you should believe I am a “disappointing” choice for Vice President other than the “vague” description of my life and political goals in the 150 word candidate proposal. I probably should have been more specific, so then you could rightfully judge me as a “disappointing” candidate. The three candidates that you have offended did try to step up as you suggested in your staff editorial. They put their reputations on the line and devoted much time to this student political ideal you were maybe trying to preserve and awaken in your article. Maybe before you print something of this nature, you may want to read it over again. Sincerely,

Douglas McEneaney
LUCC Vice President