Awareness campaign expands to Twin Cities

Radhika Garland

The brainchild of president Jill Beck, Focus On: Chicago was put into action last year in order to expand Lawrence’s presence among the large number of alumni and prospective students living there.
The success of the program will hopefully be repeated this year, as Beck’s program expands to the Twin Cities area.
Lawrence’s public awareness campaign began last year with an advertisement for Lawrence University in TIME Magazine, which highlighted the achievements of two exceptionally talented graduates.
The advertisement, entitled “Do It All,” highlighted the achievements of two exceptionally talented recent graduates, double-degree student Michael Brody ’05 and basketball headliner Chris Braier ’06.
Michael Brody won notoriety for his double degree in piano performance and chemistry, which he continued to pursue after his graduation.
Chris Braier won the Jostens Trophy not only for his athleticism, but also for his community service and high academic standing.
In order to use the Time advertisement to its full advantage, additional events were put on the program. The events boasted a large number of attendees, among Lawrence alumni who maintain their ties to the university and also prospective students in the Chicago area.
In fact the Concert Choir performance at the Baha’i Temple in Wilmett, Ill. was so popular the concert hall was standing room only.
Lawrence alumni and parents of Lawrence students reported the events to be such a success that it was decided that the program would double in scope this year, covering not only Chicago but also the Twin Cities.
The program this year will showcase the talents of students and faculty in both the conservatory and the college.
Cantala and Fanfare Brass will perform twice in Minneapolis and St. Paul Feb. 8 and 10. They will also be working with students from Stillwater High School with whom they will collaborate musically and expand awareness of Lawrence vocal programs.
Faculty performances include Kathrine Handford, university organist, in concert with faculty John Daniel, Jeffrey Stannard, James DeCorsey, Nick Keelan and Marty Erickson April 29 in St. Paul.
There are an equally large number of musical performances scheduled in Chicago. Lawrence The Faculty Jazz Trio will perform at the Merit School of Music on March 10.
Lawrence University Wind Ensemble will perform with Assistant Professor of Music Andrew Mast conducting on March 19.
In addition, Michael and Kyung Kim will perform on Live from Studio One WFMT 98.7 on June 4.
Other programs are particularly geared towards the interest of the great number of Lawrence alumni and parents living in the Chicago and Twin Cities areas.
Nancy Wall, a professor in the biology department, will be making a presentation on the human body followed by a tour of the exhibit of “Body Worlds 2: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies.”
History professor Edmund Kern will be making a presentation entitled “The Wisdom of Harry Potter: What Our Favorite Hero Teaches Us About Moral Choices.”
Lawrence professors Timothy Spurgin and Timothy Troy will present and discuss Freshman Studies coursework, including the “I Have a Dream Speech” by Dr. King and Terry Gilliam’s film “Brazil.”
Director of Alumni Relations Janice spoke highly of interdepartmental work accomplished between the President’s Office, Admissions Office, Public Affairs, Alumni Relations, the conservatory, and Lawrence faculty.
“The collaborative works across different offices have benefited many parts of the Lawrence community.”
These programs have been funded largely through the generosity of Lawrence alumni. It is hoped that with further assistance, the presence of the conservatory will become more established in the selected cities so that the Lawrence network of alumni, parents and prospective students can look forward to a concert each year.
Since along with Chicago and the Twin Cities, the Milwaukee area produces a significant number of Lawrence graduates, it is likely that the Focus On: Chicago and Focus On: Twin Cities will include Focus On: Milwaukee next year, though no final decision has yet been made.