J-Board letter 2

January 21, 2005
Dear **********,
The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the results of your Judicial Board hearing on January 20, 2005. The Judicial Board has unanimously found you in violation of parking regulations.
The board has decided on the following sanctions:
Revocation of all driving and parking privileges on campus – – you are not allowed to drive or park any vehicle anywhere on university property for the remainder of your enrollment. Effective immediately your vehicle registration is invalidated.
Service to the campus community to be served by working 24 hours (one hour for each parking ticket received this academic year) for the university grounds crew. This service must be arranged through Dean Truesdell’s office and must be completed by the end of Term II of the 2004-2005 academic year. You must call Dean Truesdell no later than Friday, January 29, 2005 to make arrangements for your community service.
The hearing made it clear to the Judicial Board that your disregard for parking regulations has negatively impacted a number of campus community members. In light of this, you are required to write an open letter of apology to the campus to be published in the The Lawrentian. The letter must be submitted to Dean Truesdell no later than January 31, 2005 for approval, and she will forward it to The Lawrentian.
If you wish to appeal this decision you must inform the President, in writing, within three days of receiving this letter.
The members of the Board hope you understand that our responsibility is to hear all formal complaints, decide if a violation has been committed and apply a sanction when warranted. We hope you understand that you need to respect the rights of others if we are to maintain a satisfactory living and learning environment at Lawrence. The college community must insist upon the cooperation and responsible judgment of all students.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the hearing or the appeals process, please contact me or the Dean of Students, Nancy Truesdell. Sincerely,
Ben Weston
Chair, Judicial Board