Letter to the Editor

Dear Lawrentians,The Committee on Public Occasions is in the process of identifying potential speakers for the 2006-07 Convocation series. In an effort to draw students into the decision making process as much as possible, we would like to solicit suggestions from the student body. Whether you have a specific individual, topic, or area of study in mind, we are interested in your input. Keep in mind that the committee is interested in speakers or topics that fit one or two of the following criteria: 1, someone of national/international significance; 2, an individual who could serve as a role model; 3, someone who has received previous honors, awards or prizes; 4, someone who has produced a significant body of work, and 5, a person who is a thought-provoking speaker.
You can contact us at either patrick.e.davis@lawrence.edu or james.e.prichard@lawrence.edu. We also will be tabling at Downer to elicit suggestions in the near future. We would greatly appreciate names of speakers or other ideas generated by students that would augment the list that faculty has already graciously provided.

Thank you,
Patrick Davis
Eric Prichard