Honor Council letter one

Katharine Enoch

June 3, 2005Dear *****:

You have been found in violation of the Lawrence University Honor Code for plagiarism on your papers in HIST *** with Professor *****. You copied verbatim and extensively from uncited sources on both your papers. By doing so, you have unfairly advanced your academic performance and violated the mutual trust between students and faculty upon which the University depends.

As discussed and agreed upon during the sanctioning conference on June 3, 2005, your sanction will be zero on both assignments and an F in the course. The sanction is consistent with past precedent of extensive plagiarism of this sort. Be advised that should you be found in violation of the Honor Code in the future, the information contained in this letter will be used in determining appropriate sanctions.
The council wishes to remind you of the importance of confidentiality. Details from the sanctioning conference may not be released without the consent of all individuals involved. This includes students and professors and as you know, sanctions agreed upon during this conference cannot be appealed.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. The Council trusts that you will recognize the seriousness of the violation and the threat it poses to the Lawrence University Honor System. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Honor Council or Dean Hemwall with any questions you may have.


The Honor Council

Peter Snyder Anthony Foli