Point-Counterpoint: The question: What to do about Iran?

Scott Sandersfeld

(Brent Schwert)

Shortly after 9/11, George W. Bush threatened to put an end to states that sponsor terrorism. Yet today, only Afghanistan – the backyard of terrorism – and Iraq – a secular though brutal dictatorship – remain “defeated,” if that word can even be used in quotations without drawing a sarcastic snicker.
The truth is that America is losing the war on militant Islam and has been for some time now. But, it is not because we have failed to court allies or have killed too many civilians or failed to win “hearts and minds” as the leftists and conservatives say, but just the opposite. It’s because we never started fighting a war in the first place.
The leftists shriek constantly that militant Islam is an issue “without borders,” that it should be an issue of intelligence and the police. This is a monstrous evasion that could only be made by someone too scared to reveal their true thought; that America’s right to self-defense is a lie.
No, militant Islam gets its support from states that sponsor it and participate in it. I could give you a list, but instead I’ll give you the country at the top of the list: Iran.
Iran is a theocratic state that has threatened and attacked the United States for well over 30 years now, ever since they invaded our embassy in the ’70s chanting “Death to America!” They sponsor hordes of terrorist groups, notable ones being Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah. They have been behind a countless number of attacks on Americans and American soldiers in the Middle East, such as the 1996 killing of soldiers in Saudi Arabia, the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 and the kidnapping of Americans in Lebanon through the 1980s. It seems that their messianic and anti-Semitic psycho President makes some cryptic remark about Israel being at the “end of its days” almost weekly. And now, it is revealed (apparently as a surprise?) what has been obvious to anyone who can make connections on the level of an infant that Iran seeks to turn Iraq into a theocratic puppet state and has been working actively to defeat U.S. forces stationed there. Oh, and they are also probably trying to develop a nuclear weapon.
America should stop calling missions of mercy to bring people elections – so that they can elect themselves into another theocracy or dictatorship, of course – a “war,” and fight a real war with a real enemy that seeks to destroy us and has been working actively to do so. America does not lack the resources or military might required to defeat Iran, all we currently lack is moral certainty. Without it, if we continue on this path, we will either lose the war on militant Islam entirely or lose thousands of American soldiers or hundreds of thousands – at least – of Israeli civilians in a nuclear blast. Save lives; defeat Iran.