Staff Editorial

Lawrentians love to know one another’s business; it’s part of living each day as part of a close-knit campus community. This desire for knowledge also goes beyond the immediate student body, as our close interactions with Lawrence faculty and staff lead us to wonder about everything, from what brought them to Lawrence to what their favorite menu item is at the grill. Usually we just ask, and the mystery is solved.
We still want for information, however, from the ever-elusive members of our campus administration, particularly our president, Jill Beck. Every time she rises to speak at a convocation or other major campus event, we are in awe of her poise and grace. “How does she do that?” we wonder. “What does she do all day?”
We at The Lawrentian have at least a partial answer to those questions, since Beck has been generous enough to meet with us every week to discuss newsworthy issues on campus. This is a practice begun under her administration, and it helps us immensely.
ArtsBridge scholars are also more familiar than most with Beck, since they are part of a revolutionary program that she started and brought with her to Lawrence. Her commitment to sharing Lawrence’s wealth of knowledge with area children is evident and admirable.
Still, the other 1,400 students at Lawrence strain to catch just a glimpse of their fearless leader as she leaves her office or an event. There are rumors: “She travels a lot,” or “she’s really busy.” Travels where? Busy doing what? OK, we’ll admit it, we’re gossips, but we’d really like to know.
Maybe the answers to these burning questions lie in The Lawrentian’s snagging an interview with President Beck and printing it. Maybe she would be willing to attend student-run events, such as SOUP’s upcoming Mardi Gras celebration. Regardless of the means, one thing is certain: Most Lawrentians would love to know more about their ever-poised, motivated, yet elusive advocate, Jill Beck.