Staff Editorial

We’ve heard over and over again that one of the advantages to attending a small school is the strong connection to alumni, and the first Alumni Career Conference, held Sunday, Feb. 18 by the Alumni Relations Office, certainly proved it. The conference was a truly wonderful opportunity for students to see what’s available to them after graduation, and the charismatic and successful alumni who spoke showed that Lawrentians really do have a wealth of career options available to them.
The day began with a brunch at Lucinda’s, followed by a keynote address and panel discussion with alumni representing several different career areas. Next, students attended one of several breakout sessions in areas such as performing and creative arts, education and healthcare. This was followed by another session on practical considerations such as grad school and networking, as well as an informal opportunity to meet with alumni in the union. This structure was ideal for Lawrentians, since it allowed for attendance at whatever sessions were convenient.
The issues and career areas covered represented a wide range, and the alumni selected to speak for each session came from a multitude of backgrounds. The large number of sessions to choose from accurately portrayed the diverse options available to Lawrence graduates, and there really was something for almost every interest.
The only way the conference could be improved in future years is if students were placed at a table with alumni in their interest area at the brunch. This would facilitate conversation early, and the alumni would be less swamped by eager students at the final informal event.
We hope that this conference will become an annual event, since it is an invaluable way to get firsthand information from Lawrentians in the “real world.” It was truly refreshing to see the many careers represented and that we really can do anything with our college degree.