Reid’s bio thing [edit as needed, but try not to make me look like a big pervert. I don’t wan my mom to know] -rws -amb

Reid Stratton

I’m Reid, a music education major from Portland, Ore., a beautiful city that I miss dearly. Most of my time at Lawrence is spent not in classes but in my various jobs and clubs. Call me old-fashioned, but I always preferred good, hard work to classes and theories. Not that I can’t pseudo-philosophize with the best of them.My job here at ***The Lawrentian*** is managing editor, which essentially means I do the stuff no one else wants to do. I collect and maintain records for our writers, work on updating our facilities, manage community and alumni relations, assist the editor in chief in running staff meetings, and so on. You can think of me as the guy that works on everything that makes the paper run without ever actually working on issues. It’s actually a job I really enjoy, since I get to meet a lot of staff and alumni I would never have a chance to work with otherwise, as well as the opportunity to be at the reigns of Lawrence’s oldest student publication.