A new direction?

William Dalsen

This past week, the new LUCC administration outlined its agenda for the rest of this year. President Rogers has suggested that the VR should accept Viking Gold credit, that we should partner with a local cinema to bring movies to campus, and also that we should revamp our athletic facilities.The benefit these policies will yield for the student body is questionable, and we are both optimistic and cautious regarding this agenda. Consider the plan to aid our athletic program: On the one hand, LUCC does not fund individual athletic groups, let alone provide funds from our activity fees to refit buildings, land, and equipment owned and under the governance of the university administration. There is no reason why an appropriation made by LUCC for these purposes would be binding, and it seems to counter a reasonable and established practice.

On the other hand, experimental funding practices may enable LUCC to draw attention to underfunded programs and departments, and either supplement their current budgets or cause the administration to render greater assistance to these programs as soon as possible.

Regardless, we are of the opinion that further debate is needed to decide the proper use of student funds. It is true that athletics are underfunded and that students wish to see the latest movies on campus; but it is equally true that the same funds used to revamp our facilities could be put to other uses that would benefit the student body, for example, hiring a part-time chiropractor or physical therapist to advise Conservatory students on how to avoid and care for performance-related injuries.

There are many possible avenues for this new administration to pursue, and while we await the effects of this new agenda, we hope that our LUCC representatives determine the best possible use for student funds.