Viking athletics receive first Conservatory spectator

Rik Warch
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The Lawrence University men’s basketball team set many first in their path to the NCAA Division III Elite eight this past month, but none was more shocking and special then the first ever conservatory student coming as a spectator to a Lawrence athletic function.The conservatory student, identified as a one Melissa Jones from South Bend, Indiana is one of the best bassoon players in the Lawrence Symphony Orchestra. Rumors that she turned out just to see one of the basketball players who she had had a fling with the past weekend couldn’t be confirmed by this writer. Jones made her presence known, and did cheer loudly for the Vikings, but then again so did 300 other college students, so don’t go thinking you are special Ms Jones!

A college student, Jack Thomas confirmed that Ms. Jones did infact attend the entire event. “Yeah that connie was there. Everyone was shocked to see her, but I guess she had fun. I mean she kinda knew what was going on, which is better then i can say for some of the blondes in this crowd.”

In fact, Ms. Jones may have had some prior basketball experience. One source who asked to remain nameless said that she knew Ms. Jones in high school, and in fact Ms. Jones had played varsity basketball for three years. However when she came to Lawrence, her music became her first priority, and those three years on the hardwood became a waste of time. What a shame.

Will this be a trend in Lawrence athletic spectators? This writer thinks no, but you can never tell. With the Lawrence University Hockey team playing a game against Julliard next season, anything–and anyone–is possible in the stands.