Open apology to the library for overdue book

To the Seeley G. Mudd staff and its patrons:I am writing in shame. I recently checked out Kristen Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset. The story was truly moving. It made me understand how humans feel hope, passion, and faith. Just as Lawrentian critic Chris Chan promised, the best part was Kristen’s “turbulent yet caring” relationship with her “blustering, upright father” (Vol. CXXI, No. 17, page 4). I too was drawn in, Chris!

Unfortunately, the book took me two weeks and three days to finish. I am apologizing to the entire campus for this tardiness. Because of my irresponsibility, anyone else eager to read Kristen Lavransdatter had to wait.

Imagine my shame when, on the seventeenth day of possessing the book, I received a letter in the mail from the library. I was so, so full of pity for the poor workers at the library. The poor members of the Lawrence community who wanted to read this book!

I am so sorry. Never again will I deprive others in such a negligent manner.

-Cruel in Colman