Dining For Dummies

Rik Warch
he’ll have his rare

Famous Dave’s1170 Westhill Blvd

Appleton, WI

(920) 991.9700

They don’t call him famous for no reason. Famous Dave’s offers a wide variety of tasty barbecued meats for you, and a wide array of side dishes for your vegan date. Choices range between fries, baked potatoes (hold the bacon), and coleslaw.

Vince Lombardi’s Steakhouse

333 W. College Ave.

Appleton, WI

(920) 380-9390

Located in the Paper Valley Hotel, Vince Lombardi’s is the perfect place to feel like a man. The place is overflowing with juicy steaks and Packers memories. There are a wide variety of dining options available-chicken, salmon, tuna, swordfish, really cute lambs, and pork chops. For vegans, there is an extensive wine list. So, grab yourself a steak and fill her up with alcohol. Where could you have a better night?

George’s Steak House

2208 S. Memorial Dr.

Appleton, WI

(920) 733-4939

At George’s Steak House, even the salads have meat on them. That’s alright, though. While you dig in to your juicy steak, she can nibble on some onion rings. No need to feel guilty, though. It’s her own choice to be stupid.

The Machine Shed

220 N. Fox River Drive

Grand Chute, WI

(920) 830-2326

The Machine Shed takes you out of the hustle and bustle of Lawrence life and reminds you of the simpler things, like tractors, corn, and meat. Your vegan date obviously needs a good kick in the head, so remind her about how farmers suffer when their meat is undersold. Remind her of the farmers’ babies, crying because Daddy can’t afford milk. It’s funny to make girls cry about babies. Then make her eat meat.