LUCC Meeting Notes

Kayla Wilson

Transparency in university endowment investment and downsizing standing committees were prominent issues at the Lawrence University Community Council’s third meeting of the year Tuesday in Riverview Lounge. LUCC is Lawrence’s student-run governing body and is composed of 14 student members and four faculty members who work to make the Lawrence community better through legislation.
The meeting began with roll call and proceeded to a review of the minutes from the previous two meetings, followed by an approval vote, which passed. Other official business such as officer and committee reports followed.
The situation became tenser as the meeting moved on to old business. The main topic up for discussion was whether or not to reduce the number of standing committees. One such committee up for debate was the Multicultural Affairs Committee, which helps to promote diversity and understanding throughout the Lawrence community. Assistant dean for multicultural affairs Rod Bradley stepped forward to plead for its continuation, arguing that student groups could not do the same job because they come and go. Ultimately, the motion was tabled until the next meeting.
The motions regarding the other groups facing elimination were also tabled. Doing so will give those groups a chance to present their cases at the next meeting, as they felt they were not getting a fair deal by being denied the right to do so.
The meeting then moved on to new business, which included the most prominent issue of the evening, a resolution on trustee governance. In short, the resolution asks for transparency and open disclosure of information from the Board of Trustees and for the elimination of conflicts of interest. During discussion on this issue, members of the Lawrence community came forward to voice their opinions on the resolution and its possible ramifications. Overall, this debate was the most intense, sparking a heated discussion between LUCC members and members of the general community who care deeply about the issue. After much talk, the resolution was put to a vote and passed.
Other new business included a by-law change concerning multicultural affairs, which was tabled, and an appeal by WLFM to the finance committee for all the funding previously requested, which passed. After this, the meeting wrapped up quickly with other official dealings and announcements, followed by adjournment.