Staff Editorial

If The Lawrentian got a dollar every time someone said, “I should write a column” or, “This could be funnier,” let’s just say . we would have a lot more money. Now is the time to put those ideas on paper and get the entire campus to appreciate your genius.
In order to give as many people as possible the chance to try column writing, The Lawrentian is reinstating its column contest for second term. Simply write a sample column on a topic of your choice 300-400 words in length and submit it to us at Each columnist will have at least one column published and will be considered for the chance to continue submissions throughout the term.
Speaking of getting involved, anyone who access the online version of The Lawrentian can take advantage of submitting letters to the editor electronically. If you have something you want to express to the Lawrence community, just visit and click on the link “letter to the editor.” Your letter is sent directly to us, and we will do our best to print it.
The column contest and letters to the editor are easy ways to make The Lawrentian your newspaper. Make – and keep – a New Year’s resolution to take advantage of these opportunities.