Meghan McCallum

I didn’t really care to write a letter. I just wanted to say it was good to find something positive after searching the web for my name. Last time I searched I found, my nmae, had a warrent out for her arrest. So thank you, Meghan McCallum, for showing that our name is something to be proud of.By the way, I am a grad of St. Norbert College ’00. I am now currently serving as a firefighter at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. I am a civilian working for the Army protecting 8 different camps. We currently provide fire protection, first responder medical care, and protection of the world’s most dangeous highway system for Americans. As a paramedic I am working at improving our medical training, and even have the opportunity to teach an EMT class at the college here on base.

Thanks for your good work,
I love the articles but I suppose I’m a bit partial.

Meghan McCallum
Camp Arifjan Fire Department