Inside the Locker Room: Vikings’ Baseball

With their season wrapped up, the LU baseball team got to reflecting on what a wonderful few months they just spent together. Senior Davide Harris stated, “My favorite part about being on the baseball team this year was definitely the success we had in Florida over spring break. Winning ball games, nice weather, and good company, I really can’t complain about that.” The players had some great times both on and off the field. Harris continues by stating, “My favorite moment off the field was the bus rides. We had lots of great conversation on those rides and some epic bonding time.” As for sophomore Joel Birch, his favorite game moment was, “… when Jake Zdrojewski and me got warned by the umpires two games in a row to stop chirping at the other team because they were too sensitive to take it.”

Being a funny and clever group of guys, I thought it would be interesting to ask them what would happen if their team became the founding fathers of a new nation. Senior Phil Wisniewski believed his roommate and fellow senior Richie Forman would be the leader. “Richie ‘The man who gets things done’ Foreman ought to take charge. He could call us all together no matter where we may be with just one whistle, then bring order to the community with his sage wisdom” he states. In Wisniewski’s opinion, it would be Birch who would inventively mess things up in their country, “…he tries to start an uprising that would give him full control of the country, but that would quickly be taken care of, as Joel is soft and could be easily thrown into a unique pin that would render him powerless.” However, Birch completely disagrees, stating, “I would take charge because of my well-versed educational background and my work experience as a car mechanic and my internship at the local pool with Tanner DeBettencourt being my assistant, because he was such a good assistant captain.” He goes on to say, “It would obviously be Sam Kossow and Aaron Benz that would mess things up. Kossow would just yell random things that don’t make sense and do bicep curls, while Aaron would flail the levers (his long, lanky limps that seem to be constantly thrashing around) all over the place.” Finally, Wisniewski goes back to the more practical side of things by stating, “Alex ‘Al’ Brewer would be in charge of making sure the country’s agriculture and infrastructure would be on track. Finally, Davide Harris would be in charge of health management. We would probably all get sick relatively quick, but at least we won’t have pink-eye.”

So, would the men’s baseball team be able to successfully found a country? Great finish to the season or not, I don’t think I am ready to find out.