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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Remember this? Ramón Castellano Lawrence University, Class of 2016 Religious Studies & Government President, Chi Rho Honor Society – Delta Chapter Remember when email signatures were short, informative and relevant? I’m wondering what happened. Today, I see far less of what’s above and far more—well, far more everything. Students today are making their

Cartwright’s Committee on Curriculum: Hail to the curriculum tradition

A Lawrence staff member recently told me while critiquing this column that the views I have expressed on the “Committee” are limited because my Lawrence experience will last only four years. This is valid. Students’ views of Lawrence are unavoidably short-sighted, and thus, nearly all the articles written in The Lawrentian are limited this way.

Cartwright’s committee on cirriculum: The liberal arts degree and careers

The seniors of today can’t help but worry about their future careers. Every day, the media inundates students with the notion that absolutely nobody stands a chance of finding a job. And in the mix of soaring costs of higher education, the value of the liberal arts for personal careers has been publicly thrown into

Building curriculum sans faculty

Ask any department head at Lawrence, and they’ll tell you that they’d love to have a few extra instructors on hand. Faculty at Lawrence, like most other liberal arts colleges, are very hard working and, often, they end up over-stretched by their duties as advisors, researchers, teachers and collaborators. While my argument this week could

Developing Curricula at Lawrence

In the first edition of Cartwright’s Committee on Curriculum, I discussed why it’s important to pay attention to the differences between degrees at Lawrence. Last week, I looked at the requirements behind those degrees. But today, I move toward a deeper question: What are the objectives that drive Lawrence’s curriculum today? I’ll start with an

Cartwright’s committee on curriculum: “Please take your chairs”

If you’ve ever done anything remotely creative or slightly wrong at Lawrence, you’ve probably encountered one of our university’s many committees. We have the Committee on Instruction, the Sub-Committee on University Administration, the Honor Council, the Judicial Board, SHARB, LUCC, the Committee on Public Occasions, ad-hoc committees under the President, (this is by no means

A Letter from the Editor in Chief

For nearly 130 years, the Editorial Board of The Lawrentian has strived to provide a voice to the students of Lawrence University. In 2012-2013, I am proud to claim that we pursued this goal just a little bit further. At Lawrence, every student is encouraged to pursue learning through experience, community, and individualized exploration, but