A Letter from the Editor in Chief

For nearly 130 years, the Editorial Board of The Lawrentian has strived to provide a voice to the students of Lawrence University. In 2012-2013, I am proud to claim that we pursued this goal just a little bit further.

At Lawrence, every student is encouraged to pursue learning through experience, community, and individualized exploration, but only in The Lawrentian do our deeds on campus become history and our views become publicly recognized. Too often, we view our time at Lawrence as a constant race, a ten-week sprint to final exams. While Lawrence pushes us to accelerate our life, The Lawrentian reminds us to keep a steady rhythm—to sit down, turn to Page 1, and read the news.

Over the past year, I have been proud to lead this newspaper alongside an audacious and daring Editorial Board. With the highest level of flexibility and trust, this year’s group of editors worked week after week to provide strong content and to inject new creativity in our writing. Our News section became a machine of broad coverage. The Features team offered innovative views from across the Lawrence community. Arts & Entertainment learned to define artistry in new ways, and editorials shifted from thoughtful to bold.

When my expectations became unreasonable or my goals grew too ambitious, this group of loyal friends, the Editorial Board, stuck by and propelled our newspaper to new heights. As I leave my post as Editor-in-Chief, I challenge the new editorial board to redefine this newspaper for the future. Change everything. Break with tradition, and seek out new ways to articulate meaning in the Lawrence community.

Jamie Cartwright