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Actiwisdom: An American culture shock

Actiwisdom: An American culture shock

Before I went to India last fall, I braced myself to experience gender issues on a level I had never before experienced. This mental and emotional preparation proved valuable when I not only witnessed gender discrimination but also directly experienced it. Throughout my time in India, gender issues were so pervasive that I longed to

Actiwisdom: Remember this feeling

“…two bombs…Boston Marathon…is your family okay?…are you okay?” A sinking in my heart. A weariness in my soul. An overwhelming sadness. I feel a welling in my eyes and a tightness in my jaw. A bright day immediately becomes obscured by swollen clouds of hate. I go to my laptop to watch the news, to

Actiwisdom: Journey from Judgmentalism

When you’re trying to inspire someone to care about something you’re passionate about, you need to meet them where they are. I learned this the hard way. I became a Conservatory drop-out three quarters through my freshman year when I found myself in the middle of a rainstorm, sobbing to a friend that I wasn’t

Actiwisdom: Guantánamo hunger strike

Have you heard? They’re hunger striking in Guantánamo. What’s this, you say? They’re starving themselves to death? Yes. Wouldn’t you, if you were held for ten or more years in a prison known for torture without ever having been told why you were there? Wouldn’t you, if your holy book was desecrated with the improper