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Improv show offers pizza and fun

On Wednesday, February 7, students piled into Memorial Hall for a night of pizza and improv. Humorously advertised as a “Pizza Party with Some Improv,” the smell of the greasy food lured students to make the snowy trek to Memorial Hall. “Pizza was one of the main focuses, but it definitely was an improv event,”

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Singapore On Tuesday, Oct. 24, the Singapore Land Transit Authority announced that, starting February, it will not allow any increase in the number of private cars in an effort to eliminate traffic congestion. Singapore, being less than half the size of the city of Houston, but having double the population, has been plagued with the

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North Korea On Sept. 25, Ri Yong-ho, the North Korean foreign minister, accused Donald Trump of declaring war on the country. This accusation was in response to a tweet Trump wrote which made a snide comment about the President of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, in which Trump called Jong-un “Little Rocket Man.” Yong-Ho also asserted

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Compiled by Stephanie Meyer UK On Friday, Sept. 15, a bomb was detonated on a London Underground train, injuring at least 29 people. The explosion is being treated as a terrorist attack by the London Metropolitan Police. The Islamic State’s news agency, Amaq News, reported that the militant group was responsible for the attack, however,