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“Dick Johnson is Dead,” 2020, directed by Kirsten Johnson — 4/5 Stars  Kirsten Johnson first made waves in the documentary filmmaking world with “Cameraperson” in 2016, a complex and moving collection of footage that posed questions about war, impermanence and trauma. For the past four years since, Johnson’s work was not present at film festivals

Review: Adrianne Lenker’s songs

On Oct. 23, 2020, Indianapolis-born singer-songwriter Adrianne Lenker released “songs.” Lenker is most known for her role in the band Big Thief, and her latest release provides the same emotional lyrics and high octave vocals that prove time and time again to be a relentless earworm.   The album, “songs,” was born from a breakup and

Student Spotlight: Luka Santin

Photo provided by Luka Santin Sophomore Luka Santin is a Lawrence student in the Bachelor of Arts in Music program, focusing on piano performance and psychology. While they have an extensive history of musical passion and participation throughout their secondary education, including choir, violin, cello and piano lessons, it was in their Fall Term at