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Review: Adrianne Lenker’s songs

On Oct. 23, 2020, Indianapolis-born singer-songwriter Adrianne Lenker released “songs.” Lenker is most known for her role in the band Big Thief, and her latest release provides the same emotional lyrics and high octave vocals that prove time and time again to be a relentless earworm.   The album, “songs,” was born from a breakup and

Album Review: “Miss Anthropocene”

Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, has been known since her MySpace days for her dark, eclectic, self-produced pop and aesthetics created by using looping and layering techniques in production. Her image, maintained by her unconventional approach to music and art as well as self-proclaimed “anti-imperialism” via Twitter, spurned an array of reactions to her announcement of

Album Review: Fennesz’s “Plus Forty Seven Degrees…”

This review is about Fennesz’s second album, “Plus Forty Seven Degrees 56’ 37” Minus Sixteen Degrees 51’ 08.” Recorded in 1999, the album shows off the amazing variety of sounds that can be created on a single laptop. Christian Fennesz, who goes by his last name on commercial releases, is an Austrian composer of experimental

Album Review: Weezer’s “Pacific Daydream”

When I write an album review, my general approach is to write the review about an artist that I know or like already. For this issue, I will be reviewing “Pacific Daydream,” the latest effort by ‘90s alt-pop goofballs, Weezer. I’ve always been a fan of Weezer, particularly enjoying “The Blue Album,” “Pinkerton,” and “The

Album Review: Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo”

On Feb. 14, 2016, Kanye West released his seventh studio album. The Life of Pablo addresses the media’s perception of West and is an explanation of and response to West’s own actions. The result is a poetic mixture of remorse and blatant honesty. Since this album is a hard-to-tackle 20-track masterpiece, I’m going to begin

Album review: Boards of Canada’s “Geogaddi”

Fifteen years ago, the electronic music duo Boards of Canada released their second full-length album, “Geogaddi.” After their surprisingly large debut four years earlier, the pressure was on to create an exciting new evolution of their style. While I only discovered this album about six years ago, I have enjoyed learning about the creative process

Album Review: Andrew Bird’s “Echolocations: Canyon”

Songwriter and instrumentalist Andrew Bird has followed his own path since the start of his musical career in 2003. He has played in several bands, developed his own solo act in a variety of ways and gained a large following. He is known for his violin-centric indie-folk rock sound, which guided most of his releases