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“Dances and Dreams” concert a successfully moving show

“Dances and Dreams” concert a successfully moving show

By Lizzy Weekes On Saturday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. the Symphonic Band struck up in unison. Players bounced in their chairs, reflecting the theme of this concert, “Dances and Dreams”, through the first piece, “Folk Dances,” by Dmitri Shostakovich and edited by H. Robert Reynolds. Conductor and Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Matthew Arau

Lawrence signs new partnership agreement with UW Colleges

Wednesday morning, Sept. 24, officials from Lawrence University and the University of Wisconsin Colleges gathered for the ceremonial signing of a historic partnership agreement between the two schools. The partnership, which not only includes UWFox, but other University of Wisconsin institutions across the state, is intended to ease the transfer process so students can focus

Lawrence announces historic $25 million endowed gift for financial aid

Emily Zawacki and Nathan Lawrence Editor-in-Chief and Copy Chief In an announcement on Wednesday, September 17, Lawrence University President Mark Burstein released news of an anonymous $25 million gift to the school’s endowment. The largest donation in Lawrence history, its entirety will go toward an endowed scholarship fund to supplement the financial aid of future

Outreach initiatives continue as school application rate increases

While it may have seemed like everything was working against Lawrence admission rates this year—mainly the April 14 snowfall on Admitted Students Day—the university set an all time high in freshman applicants. This year Lawrence welcomed 2,734 applications, a two percent increase from last year’s applicant pool, and a nine percent increase from 2009’s applicant

Bellows of Sound features improvisational dance and music

On Friday, Feb. 28, a group of students came together to create Bellows of Sound, a visual and musical performance event. It consisted of a variety of instrumentalists and dancers utilizing a combination of choreography, music-reading and improvisation to create their moving performance. The performance was held in the Wriston Art Galleries. Holding the concert

Artist Spotlight: Eli Edelman

Eli Edelman, senior percussion performance major, is gearing up for his senior recital on Saturday, March 1 at 1 p.m. He will be playing pieces from a variety of genres on a variety of different percussion instruments. Over the course of his music career, Edelman has dabbled in plenty of instruments, including trumpet and piano.

Gerard discusses potential solutions to carbon emissions at Greenfire

Greenfire hosted Associate Professor of Economics David Gerard in Sabin house as part of their Speaker Series last Thursday, Feb. 6. Gerard’s presentation, titled “Is it Warm in Here? The World’s Great Carbon Belch and Why It’s Probably Going to Get Worse,” consisted of topics such as electricity generation, the commercial viability of carbon capture