Staff feature: Eli Wunderlich

Hi! My name is Eli, and I’m a sophomore from Columbus, Ohio. My majors are environmental science and music, and my minors are French and dance. 

What sports do you play at Lawrence? 

I run cross country and track.  

Wunderlich running in middle school. Photo provided by Eli Wunderlich.

How did you end up writing forthe Lawrentian

I’ve always been an avid writer and wanted an opportunity to have published work. I applied and was hired as a sports writer during my first term at Lawrence! 

Are you involved in any extracurriculars at Lawrence?  

I am Co-President and Treasurer of LU’s Mock Trial Club and was recently voted in as Co-President of McCarthy Co-Op for next year. I also work three on-campus jobs. 

Wunderlich at the Conference Championship. Photo provided by the Lawrence University Athletics Department. 

Why did you choose Lawrence? 

I originally looked into Lawrence because of the science program and the Conservatory. Since I grew up next to Ohio State University, a small, scenic campus was very novel to me, but I enjoyed the atmosphere when I came for my visit. After I met the cross country team, I knew I wanted to come to school here, and I made my deposit that same day. 

What advice do you have for those who want to get involved in student journalism?  

Don’t be afraid to take a risk and put your work out into the world! Also, remember that without feedback, collaboration and exposure to different perspectives, you won’t grow as a writer! 

What advice do you have for someone who wants to play sports in college?  

Reach out to coaches, set up a phone call, ask questions about their program and what your place would be in it! Know your worth as an athlete—coaches are looking for more than times or whatever your sport entails, they are looking for good leaders and teammates who can build a positive, hardworking team culture. 

Wunderlich on media day. Photo provided by the Lawrence University Athletics Department.

What is/are your favorite sport(s) or team(s) to watch? 

As an Ohioan, I was born a Buckeyes fan and enjoy following college football (I wanted to be a football player in middle school; cross country was actually my third choice). I also love watching professional running, especially the pro marathon scene.