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LUCC president-elect resigns, replaced by VP-elect

LUCC president-elect resigns, replaced by VP-elect

Sophomore Colleen Murray will take on the position of president-elect. Photo by Allegra Taylor During the Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) General Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 19 meeting, it was announced that junior Rufino Cacho will be stepping down from his position as president due to personal reasons. We have the following statement from

Letter from the Editor

  This May 26 issue will be our last for the 2016-17 school year, and once again, the Lawrence community has started a heated discussion on free speech that we have yet to fully explore. Freedom of speech is a concept that I hold dear to my heart, because growing up in Vietnam and Singapore,

LU Teach-in for Democracy

This Friday, Feb. 17, Lawrentians will have an exciting learning field day to look forward to. A collaborative effort by a large groups of faculty members, LU Teach-in for Democracy day will be a full day of multi-disciplinary discussions and learning about democracy, civic engagement, social justice, politics, and the multitude of perspectives of these

An Open Letter to All My International Student Friends

It is hard to imagine that on Tuesday night, a Trump presidency was just a passing thought, and only a few hours later when Ohio, Pennsylvania and then Wisconsin flipped red, we greeted our worst fear, materialized. While many people across this country – more than 59 million of them, to be exact – are

LI gears up for Ethnic Dinner

From left to right: Katy Yan Li, Yuriko Hirose, Daniel Vaca and Liana Januss discuss Ethnic Dinner. Photo courtesy of Anh Ta This week, Lawrence International (LI) Executive Board is working hard toward one of their flagship events, Ethnic Dinner. Aptly named “Akoma: the Heart of West Africa”, this year Ethnic Dinner offers up delicious

Standout Sophomore: Meghan Murphy

Meghan Murphy looks forward to Taiwan. Photo courtesy of Anh Ta This week, we sat down with sophomore Meghan Murphy, the 2016 recipient of the U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS). This scholarship program provides undergraduate and graduate students with a unique opportunity for overseas language training and cultural immersion. With CLS, students