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Artist Spotlight: Will Melnick

Artist Spotlight: Will Melnick

The sidewalks of College Avenue, a mountain pass, a trail through a park between dense forestry. People established these paths to get from place to place. One may see them as merely means to an end, but greater depth exists behind paths. Senior photography student Will Melnick is fascinated by the beauty and profundity of

Artist Spotlight: Jon Stombres

For Jon Stombres ’14, voice performance and choral/general music education double major, the silly old adage “Those who cannot do, teach” holds little weight. He believes in the tandem value of doing and teaching. While it is an admirable thing to make effective use of one’s skills and knowledge, it is just as admirable to

The Artist Spotlight: Sarah Jane Rennick

In a post-MTV world, the music video has become an art unto itself. It is an essential part of the production process, important both as a way to represent the music and as a way to broaden its appeal emotionally, intellectually and artistically. The effect is less narrative-focused than film, but more visceral and striking

Artist Spotlight: Eli Edelman

Eli Edelman, senior percussion performance major, is gearing up for his senior recital on Saturday, March 1 at 1 p.m. He will be playing pieces from a variety of genres on a variety of different percussion instruments. Over the course of his music career, Edelman has dabbled in plenty of instruments, including trumpet and piano.

The Artist Spotlight: Susannah Gilbert

Poetry is a divisive form of writing. Some dismiss it as incomprehensible and pretentious while others regard it as a pure and sophisticated exercise in structure and emotion. Regardless of personal judgment, poetry still stands as an important way for many writers to express thoughts and feelings in a way that other forms of writing

Artist Spotlight: Dakota Williams

Brass instruments are capable of producing a uniquely grand and epic sort of sound, inimitable by any other musical instrument. A key example of a brass instrument is the horn, commonly, though incorrectly, known as the French horn. Lawrence’s very own senior Dakota Williams offers a chance for students to come and listen to this

Artist Spotlight: Sophia Borkowski

Most people in the Conservatory have taken the normal route: Enrolled as a freshman straight out of high school, then kept on that path until graduation four or fifth years later. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Senior Susan Borkowski came to Lawrence as a junior and started her 4-year program then. This extra

Artist Spotlight: Emma Moss

If you’ve ever walked down College Ave and looked into the shop “Dance!,” you will have seen a window display composed and created by Lawrence University’s own senior Emma Moss, featuring impressively large ballet slippers accompanied by fall leaves and trees. Moss began her time at Lawrence as a vocalist within the Conservatory, but by