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Photo Feature: Seniors Edition

This week, we talk to some seniors about their hopes and plans for their last year at Lawrence. With the Senior Class BBQ last Wednesday, Sept. 28 kicking off a series of events dedicated for seniors, the Class of 2017 is heading off into an exciting year. Talking to us, many seniors expressed mixed feelings—excitement

LUCC President and Vice President elected: Max Loebl & Jo-Hanna Rifai

The Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) conducted its annual executive elections on Tuesday, Jan. 19. Hours after the election concluded, The Lawrentian broke the news that juniors Max Loebl and Jo-Hanna Rifai had been elected president and vice president of LUCC respectively. Preparations for the election started in ninth week of Fall Term when LUCC

BREAKING: Loebl and Rifai bag victories at the LUCC executive elections

The Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) released the results of the recently concluded executive elections to The Lawrentian. Junior Max Loebl won the presidential election, while junior Jo-Hanna Rifai succeeded in the vice presidential race. A total of 652 and 644 valid votes were cast in the presidential and vice presidential elections respectively. On his victory, Loebl

LUCC Executive Elections 2016 – Candidate Profile (Max Loebl)

To prepare our readers for the upcoming Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) executive elections, The Lawrentian has compiled candidate profiles. Members of the Lawrence community can learn more about these candidates at a debate hosted by The Lawrentian‘s Zach Ben-Amots and Amaan Khan on Monday, Jan. 18 at 8:15 p.m. in the Nathan Marsh Pusey room of