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Meditations on Music: Andrew Cole’s Composition Recital

Meditations on Music: Andrew Cole’s Composition Recital

Students perform as part of Andrew Cole’s composition recital. Photo by Taylor Blackson   Tucked away in the Esch-Hurvis Room on Friday night, Jan. 20, was Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Andrew Cole’s composition recital. With a thoughtfully put-together program exploring the places Cole has lived, the five pieces also showed the complex inner workings

Music for One, Music for All

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2017, Riverview Gardens hosted the annual Music for All concert. The concert featured interactive chamber performances by Lawrence students and faculty members including the RCT piano trio, Mason String Quartet and Brass Quintet along with the New York-based chamber ensemble, Decoda. The concert was free and open to all.

Meditations on Music: Some Favorite Albums of 2016

The following are albums released in 2016 that I found myself listening to a lot, that I have not reviewed previously and that did not get the attention they so deserved. In no particular order…   Mild High Club’s “Skiptracing”   You will be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing album for contemplation from this

Staff Editorial: What is going on with Lawrence’s music scene?

The Conservatory gives Lawrence students the opportunity to see music played at a high level by their peers. Because of the high caliber of musicianship attracted by the Conservatory, student bands also provide high-quality performances in a more informal setting. This term however, Lawrence’s live music scene has been fairly inactive, despite at least three