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Local grown Bon Appétit

By Ollin Garcia Pliego The year 2009 brought significant changes to Lawrence University. First, the Warch Campus Center was inaugurated. Second, Bon Appétit became Lawrence’s dining service provider. Through the implementation of a sustainable program in which Bon Appétit obtains its foods from local farmers, the Lawrence community has the necessary elements to embrace a

Cabaret: Viva Santa Cruz

By Ollin Garcia Pliego Cabaret is Lawrence International’s biggest event of the academic year and this year it is is scheduled for April 11 and 12. Through the integration of multi-cultural dance and performance groups, Cabaret engages the Lawrence community in a show that is dedicated to educating students and illustrating cultures from all parts

Summer jobs at Lawrence: From events to admissions

By Ollin Garcia Pliego For many years, domestic and international students have decided to stay and utilize the summer job opportunities available at Lawrence. These openings have allowed students to build work experience and save money. For international undergraduates, these options have also permitted them to remain in the country, since many cannot go back

The history of Björklunden: From Swedish roots to LU

By Ollin Garcia Pliego Björklunden vid Sjön, simply known as Björklunden in the Lawrence community, translates to “Birch Grove by the Lake” from Swedish and is a 425-acre estate on Lake Michigan’s shoreline, in Door County, Wis., just south of Baileys Harbor. Carleton and Winifred Vail originally purchased 325 acres for $2,000 in 1928 and

Candlelight vigil held for victims of violence in Pakistan

By Ollin Garcia Pliego National and international media , including The New York Times and The BBC News reported that on Dec. 16, 2014, nine men from the terrorist group Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan brutally massacred 145 people, including 132 school children at an Army Public school in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan. According to these sources, the