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Letter to the Editor

In response to Mr. Doreza’s article in the November 8th, 2013 issue of The Lawrentian: Mr. Doreza employed some ridiculous anti-logic when he lampooned atheists in last week’s edition of The Lawrentian. Doreza’s arguments about atheism suffer from ignorance regarding atheism’s status in both the Lawrence community and the broader country. While it is true

Better than average

Grade inflation is one of those provocative conversation starters like Social Security, Chris Christie and re-gifting, where no consensus of what should be done about them has been established; but it may finally be leaving its questionable friends forever. Yes, you heard right: All your better-than-average self-beliefs are at last valid. Thanks to the all-too-real

Cartwright’s Committee on Curriculum: Hail to the curriculum tradition

A Lawrence staff member recently told me while critiquing this column that the views I have expressed on the “Committee” are limited because my Lawrence experience will last only four years. This is valid. Students’ views of Lawrence are unavoidably short-sighted, and thus, nearly all the articles written in The Lawrentian are limited this way.

Cartwright’s committee on cirriculum: The liberal arts degree and careers

The seniors of today can’t help but worry about their future careers. Every day, the media inundates students with the notion that absolutely nobody stands a chance of finding a job. And in the mix of soaring costs of higher education, the value of the liberal arts for personal careers has been publicly thrown into