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Ask a fifth-year: Some tips for studying abroad

Ask a fifth-year: Some tips for studying abroad

Dear Will, I was accepted into a study abroad program for this Spring Term, but I have all sorts of fears and doubts about it. I don’t know how I’m going to raise the money in time. I’m just in general nervous about living in a foreign country for such a long time. What should

Ask a fifth-year: To Greek or not to Greek, that is the question

Dear Will, I’ve been recently hanging out with a lot of fraternity guys and I think they’re interested in having me join as a pledge. I’ve always kind of been against the idea of a fraternity, as it seems like I’d be paying for friends. These seem like cool guys, though, and I’m really interested

Developing Curricula at Lawrence

In the first edition of Cartwright’s Committee on Curriculum, I discussed why it’s important to pay attention to the differences between degrees at Lawrence. Last week, I looked at the requirements behind those degrees. But today, I move toward a deeper question: What are the objectives that drive Lawrence’s curriculum today? I’ll start with an

Ask a fifth-year: Don’t fear the long distance

Dear Will, My girlfriend and I have been dating since sophomore year of high school. Now that we’ve both been away at separate colleges, I’ve been worrying that we’re starting to lose interest. I still feel like we love and trust each other fully, but I can’t help worrying about the nagging issue of whether