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Deep listening experiment enlightens

Ice crackled, car horns blared, fireflies flew and jellyfish danced during a deep listening concert by ethnomusicologists Tomie Hahn and Sean Williams on Thursday, Sept. 17, in the Esch Hurvis studio. Organized loosely over the course of three days during classroom sessions, late night rehearsals and early morning experimentation, the six stories, called “memory-scapes” by

Kronos Quartet presents thought-provoking repertoire

For a traditionally wordless ensemble, Kronos Quartet sure has a knack for making voices be heard. Going beyond their profound musicianship as string players, the quartet utilized spoken and recorded words to highlight the voices of many individuals and communities during their concert on Friday, May 15, in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. The quartet, made

Album Review: Mazzoli’s “Dark Age

On March 31, Amazon announced its newest innovation: Amazon Dash, a button allowing consumers to purchase basic household necessities — Tide detergent, Kraft mac and cheese, etc. — with just one press. Ian Crouch from The New Yorker responded to the unveiling by predicting “the real dystopia: not that our daily lives could be reduced

Let’s Rush(-ssia) Delt, everyone

Hello, Trivia. What a great weekend. There were break-ins, rabbit deaths and voice cracks, but the 49th Great Midwest Trivia Contest undoubtedly succeeded. Big shout-out to this year’s winners, Porky’s Groove Machine. You guys inspire us. Now, let’s talk about that Action Question, that glorious, bombastic Communist Rally on Saturday night. You brought songs, posters,

Butts on campus

 That enticed your eyes, did it not?  Eyes do sometimes wander to the oddest of sights. Sometimes they fixate on the littlest, out-of-place things, whether we like it or not. For me, these include the variable collection of cigarette butts in front of Warch Campus Center. Although the size of this downtrodden community fluctuates, one

States v. Abortion

On March 26, Jack Dalrymple, the Republican governor of North Dakota, signed into law HB 1456, the most extreme anti-abortion legislation to be enacted since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade (1973) decision. The law prohibits abortions “if the unborn child the pregnant woman is carrying has a detectable heartbeat,” which a transvaginal ultrasound