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Dalton presents research on Appleton transportation system

  Polly Dalton’s Senior Project literally hit close to home. Her presentation last Thursday, Jan. 9, titled “Connecting the Blocks—Transportation Policy and Planning in the City of Appleton,” revealed Dalton’s true infatuation with the Little Apple. “I really like Appleton as a city and I think it is interesting because it has a small town

LEAP brings former sheriff to discuss alternative to current drug laws

Now a beekeeper and sheep farmer, Lance Bucholz’s work in the police force is behind him. At 36, Bucholz was the youngest man ever appointed sheriff in the state of Wisconsin. “He’s the best guy from Wisconsin.,” said junior Duncan Lamphere, president of Lawrence’s SSDP, Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Now retired, Bucholz is part

Women’s Empowerment Week opens with march for victims of sexual assault

 Saturday, Nov. 3 marked the beginning of Women’s Empowerment Week. The celebration, hosted by the Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA), kicked off Saturday afternoon with “A March to End Victim Blaming.” Led by the Sambistas Brazilian drum ensemble and including students and members of the Appleton community, the march aimed to protest rape culture and

GreekEnd includes variety of activities, efforts to connect to non-Greeks

This past Thursday, Oct. 17, Friday, Oct. 18, and this coming Saturday, Oct. 19, the sororities and fraternities have been putting on and will put on events that make up campus’ first “GreekEnd.” The fraternities and sororities on campus are sponsoring a variety of different charities, including The American Cancer Society, Wounded Warriors, Harbor House