Sports Trivia

Greg Peterson

Q: With campus buzzing with trash talk about Sunday’s Bears-Packers NFC Championship game, a discussion of history seems in order. In their storied 181-game history, the two teams have met in the playoffs. how many times?
A: Only once. Though they both made it to the playoffs in 1994 and 2001, the Bears and Packers didn’t manage to play each other in either year. Their only matchup was a game for the Western Division championship in 1941, which the Bears won 33-14. The Bears then went on to win the NFL Championship over the New York Giants, who had beaten, strangely, the Brooklyn Dodgers to get to the championship game.
Q: The San Antonio Spurs – as of Jan. 19 – sit at 36-6, their best-ever start. Almost no one would have picked the Spurs to be 30 games over .500 this early in the season, but their start pales next to the ridiculous opening by the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls, who boasted what record after 44 games?
A: 41-3. Remarkably, however, the Spurs are very close to being on pace to match the Bulls’ 72-10 final record – the Bulls’s .878 clip may seem uncatchable, but the Spurs aren’t far behind at .857.