Letter to the Editor: (Evan Meszaros 6244) -dlh

In response to Ann Miller’s letter:
Thanks for the “invitation.” But no thanks for the alienation you’ve made me feel by your proselytizing, and the bombardment of the campus with LCF’s “Project: I Believe” posters! You’ve stated what you and many others believe, but do you know what I believe? Do you want to know? Do you care? Probably not. And that, I imagine, is how most people would respond, be they Christians or otherwise. If someone wants to know what you think, they will ask!
I understand that your evangelism is fueled by a passion to do what you think is right. However, the more fervent one’s passion is, the more extreme their actions can be. Bear in mind the atrocities that have been, and still are, committed in the name of religion and proselytizing.
Henceforth, please consider observing the Golden Rule. The next time you feel the need to change someone else’s religious worldview, consider how you would like someone trying to change yours.

-Evan Meszaros