GUEST EDITORIAL: Lawrentian parent and Libertarian candidate weighs in on elections

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as a Lawrence parent (’04) and as the Libertarian candidate for lieutenant governor of the state of Iowa. I read with great interest your recent coverage of the race for lieutenant governor in Wisconsin, featuring an LU alum who is seeking said position. I think your decision to cover this race was commendable and certainly resulted in the public receiving information that it would not have otherwise garnered.

Perhaps the Libertarian and Green Party candidates for this position should have been contacted as well so as to give a fair and balanced snapshot of the political landscape to the electorate.

Here in Iowa we have had an incredible debate, somewhat acrimonious at times, about how our so-called “free press” is utilizing editorial discretion and imbalanced coverage to actually pre-determine for the electorate who is and who is not a “viable” candidate.

Many good ideas (some essential to the common good and long term viability of this nation) are being propounded by the Greens and Libertarians.

For example, as part of our Libertarian platform we stand for “bottom-up” government in strict compliance with the words of the U.S. Constitution as well as the intent of our framers.

Such an approach would permit the federal government to truly focus on its constitutional duties (national defense and protection of the sovereignty of the nation) and unleash an unprecedented wave of individual, family, and local community creativity and prosperity, such as we have never experienced heretofore.

Our approaches to significant real property and income tax reform, dramatic augmentation of educational opportunity and choice, prison reform, and a whole new look at personal, professional, and political liberty seem to be exciting voters who are finally being respected and intellectually challenged for the first time in a very long while.

For any Iowans in Wisconsin, I urge you to give us a look at For the plethora of Wisconsin voters within the Lawrence community, you might wish to check out Libertarian Ed Thompson’s website:

On an unrelated theme, I hereby offer a few words of support and encouragement to the Lawrentian and to the Lawrence community in general. I have visited over 250 colleges and universities in the course of the past five years and have visited Lawrence more than 50 times.

It seems to me that all members of the community are on the same page when it comes to the creation of an evolving, vibrant curriculum that has taken liberal learning to new and exciting heights. You will be the future leaders of your state and this nation since you are learning to think, analyze, exist, and even flourish in a very existentially challenging and uncertain world.

-Richard Campagna
Coralville, Iowa