Staff Ed

We agree that the original intent of the new cell phone policy was a good idea to address increasing security concerns, but the new emergency phone service may be being abused by the administration. As many know, the administration is keeping all students phone numbers on record in case of a campus emergency. Although well-intentioned, the administration may now be abusing its access to this information. The term emergency may need to be more strictly defined, because it seems the newly compiled list of student numbers is being used for social calls. An anonymous Lawrence administrator expressed a desire to “just get in touch with my homegirls” and claimed that “sometimes I need a younger opinion, and a fashion emergency is still an emergency.”

Abuse of the service seems to have reached the highest levels. “I’m not sure that ‘Gurl wut u up 2 itz J-Beck?’ is an urgent message.” said junior Sarah Page. She claimed to have received this message from president Jill Beck during her 2:30 tutorial. “I mean I can’t pay any attention with these constant text messages. I try to be friendly, but that was the fourth today, and I’ve never even seen her!” she complained. She is one of many students complaining of being bothered by Lawrence employees after the instatement of the policy. With such rampant use of the directory, the motives for the service have come into question.

Unfortunately, the numbers have been put on file for good, and there is little that can stop the deluge of “emergency” texts to the student body. The administration and the student body communicate so well already, it was hard to imagine them getting any closer, but seemingly, uncontrolled access to student’s phone numbers brought it to a whole new level.

While we appreciate the administration’s to create closer bonds, especially after what many view to be overly cold handling

We love to see the more personal face of the administration but this personal face must remain professional. While security is a priority, academics is another one and texting students during class is unacceptable.

Btw Jill letz VR it @ 8. Drinkz on us gurl.