Letter to the Editor TRAVIS

Ted Greeley

In my effort to go green, in accordance with my fall term in environmentally preserved Costa Rica, Intro to Environmental Science class, and the threats of Greenfire, I have taken to wiping my ass with recycled issues of the Lawrentian. Strangely, this Saturday, after a particularly unpleasant Hunan 2 experience, even the new 12 page layout was not enough. Much to my dismay Page 8, the Arts and Entertainment 2007 Album Review, was already so full of shit, it would have rendered the activity counterproductive. Four lists of the top 7 albums, with out mention of Bruce Springsteen’s “Magic” is an overlook to the degree of considering the top 7 biggest players in the New Testament and excluding Jesus. Sure Mathew, Mark, Luke and Indie music are important in their own respects, but they are only human when compared to the immortal, timeless, and universal talent of The Boss. Bruce is about as American as light beer, and this magnitude of an insult should have the editors of our fine publication on trial for treason. Besides the fact that he makes Bruce Willis, a man who took a helicopter down with a motorcycle, look like a pussy, he makes amazing music. I pity the fools who dared diss Springsteen, because if the Boss finds out about this there is no telling what he could do. I suggest that a retraction and apology letter be printed immediately by all the contributors to those god-forsaken lists.