Phi Delts sponsor public art intiative

The Phi Delta Theta fraternity announced its plans last week to sponsor a campus-wide public art initiative. “We have always supported the fine arts at Lawrence,” chapter president Tony Norton said in an interview, “whether it has been by attending art openings and recitals or by encouraging brothers to take advantage of first-hand opportunities.”
The fraternity will sponsor individual artists who seek to create art that would be publicly installed on the campus. Artists can apply for grants that will pay for their materials, provided that the works will be placed in high-traffic locations. “We feel that it is important for our school to be filled with art,” said Norton. “It not only beautifies where we live, but also creates a meaningful dialogue between the artists and their audiences.”
Art students are excited to take advantage of this new patronage. Junior Andy Kincaid responded warmly to the news. “I would love to work with the Phi Delts in this capacity. I think that they will accept my grant proposal; a lot of my work is about doin’ it.”
Others, however, are less than pleased about the initiative. “Art sucks,” complained Security Officer Wade Nelson. “I’m probably gonna steal that stuff the same day those art pansies put it up.