Urban disc team successful at opening tourny -mts

Ben Webster

Over spring break, the Lawrence urban disc team kicked off its annual opening tournament in Biloxi, Mississippi. The team of six bussed down to the southern Mecca to engage in a tournament that few D-III teams were invited to.
Star players Joey Sluhoski, Brent Nathan and Sebastian Specks all placed in the top ten scorers throwing six above par as a group. Andy Bremberger, T.J. Frett and Ben Konetske were solid performers in the tournament, securing a trophy for the team to bring back to campus. They took second behind the Mudcats of Biloxi U.
When senior captain Sebastian Specks was asked about his performance and the second-place finish of the team he replied, “I’m pleased with the output that we got from our guys, second place is not first place, but it beats third place, and the Biloxi tournament is really just preparation for the bigger tournaments later in the season in Chicago, Boston, and New York City, where the annual championships are held.”
For those of you who are not familiar with the up-and-coming sport of Urban Disc, it is basically Frisbee golf, played in an urban setting. Instead of flag poles in the grass, light posts in the streets are used as holes, for a much longer and more intricate course. The sport was invented by a New Zealander, Jermaine Pendrick, about 10 years ago, and it has been sweeping across North America for the last five years.
For those who are talented at Frisbee golf, and have the time to travel this term, they can join the team by calling (630) 290-3046. Senior captains Sluhoski and Specks are looking for new talent to take to the Chicago tournament April 20.